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East of Varley Head: Stories from Port Isaac, North Cornwall, 1944-1950
The place.. the little fishing village of Port Isaac in North Cornwall. The time was just after the Second World War, although since the place was world enough for all who lived in it, time was an incidental. What mattered to them was their pink pool, the flushing lake, a clasp knife able to set a figgy duff trembling, a well-raided bunch of grapes on the church pulpit, blocks of water ice cream, the school playground hanging over the harbour cliff, rock-cracking waiters, fish aplenty, wreck, and that was only for a start! If the local boys, whose steady escapades in seasonal pursuits are sown like errant seeds through the pages of this book were no better than they ought to have been, they were probably no worse either. Port Isaac residents looked out for one another and did themselves down as best they could. The book is a tribute to the village and their daily lives, warm in the support of the constant sea, fields, woods, and valleys, written with wry humour and warm affection. All ...
South of Lobber Point: More Stories from Port Isaac, North Cornwall, 1944 - 1950
A second volume (sequel to the author's "East of Varley Head" of personal reminiscences of the way of life, social conventions, character sketches, anecdotes and observations related to the village of Port Isaac in North Cornwall in the mid and late 1940's, told with affection, humour and insight.
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